Thanks for stopping by. My name is David Aarons. Have a look around and get to know me. To give me an idea of who's been visiting me here, you can write in the guestbook.

This Website has been constructed solely for the purpose of creating a Build Log for my Ferrari P4 Replica.

Hopefully it will give any prospective purchaser the confidence to part with their hard earned money to buy my car when it's finished.

The P4 Build Diary will provide photo's and text that accurately describe the build every step of the way. It will provide the opportunity to see beneath the skin and judge the quality of the work as it progresses.

It will also allow other car builders, suppliers, engineers and any other interested party to offer constructive advice, comments or ideas, as well as give people the opportunity to ask questions as we move forward.

I welcome Guestbook entries or emails via the "Contact" section.

I have no firm timescale for completion of this project, only the conviction that it will be done right! I only spend 2 or 3 months at a time in the UK so there will be periods of inactivity but keep checking back, it will get done!